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Angelfire Maine Coons is Australia’s most trusted Maine Coons breeder since 2017.
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We're passionate about Maine Coons

Breeding Maine Coons is just more than a hobby, it is passionate love for the breed of the gentlest giant and the most elegant magical cats you can ever imagine. It takes time and research to breed Maine Coons and a lot of effort for kittens to be well socialised to live with their new families.

Our aim is to breed Maine Coons with sound health, loving temperament and to the specific type standard which are all equally important.

Why choose Angelfire Maine Coons?

Angelfire Maine Coons are located in Perth Western Australia and was established in 2017. We operate a closed small cattery to protect our adult cats and kittens. Our aim is to breed healthy and lovely natured kittens so you can enjoy the experience of the gentle giants of the cat world.

Angelfire Maine Coons are honest and you will receive your chosen kitten, please be rest assured that once you place your deposit on your chosen kitten and your kitten has been payed in full your kitten will join you as soon as your kitten is ready to leave with all vet work completed.

Our Maine Coons have been imported from Europe to enhance our type standard. Our Maine Coons have been health tested. We strive to breed exceptional European Maine Coons with a wild look.

  • Registered breeder with over 7 years professional experience
  • All kittens receive certified pedigree papers registered with Cats United W.A – please visit their website as I am listed on their webpage.
  • All kittens at 8 weeks old receive there first F3 live vaccination and microchip
  • All kittens at 12 weeks old receive their second F3 live vaccination and desexed
  • All kittens receive parasite treatment at appriorate ages
  • All kittens will come with a kitten contract, prior to placing your deposit
  • Our Maine Coons are imported from Russia, Italy, Belarus and Amsterdam to enhance our breeding program
  • Our Maine Coons are health tested
  • All kittens leave with kitten care notes
Maine Coon kitten

Our Kittens

Sherlock - Cat Story

Happy Cats

Sherlock’s Story

“Lisa obviously breeds for health and beauty. My boy Sherlock also reflects the substantial effort put into socialising the kittens and getting them used to the world and people.  Good genetics plus great positive socialisation as babies make for healthy, gorgeous, confident and people focused kittens, which give us new owners a great start to build from. Definitely recommend Angelfire Maine Coons.”
– Leanne