Kitty Prince

Our cat prince is growing bigger everyday and has such a beautiful personality.  We love him so much and are super proud of him! Thank you so much Lisa – Jayme

I cannot speak highly enough of Angelfire! We got our beautiful little boy today and he is just amazing. He an amazing temperament and personality. He is also the most cuddly boy, we are so thankful the process was smooth and easy with Lisa keeping us up to date on his progress. Now to convince my husband he needs a friend thank you Angelfire! – Michaella

Cat story 2
cat story

Although ours is a little pretentious 😅 she’s so easy and good looking ! The biggest tail and the sweetest little voice. highly recommend this breeder ! – Claudia

Our Maine coon is absolutely perfect. He is so playful and fun for the kids yet so soft, gentle and cuddly (he has yet to miss a single nap time or bed time cuddles). It’s very obvious Lisa spends a lot of time raising her kittens to be so friendly + loving. Definitely a beautiful family cat – Danielle

Cat Story
Cat Story

My Angelfire baby is absolutely perfect! Lisa is such a great breeder. Recommend her 100% – Da

We have a beautiful boy Prince from Angelfire, he is absolutely gorgeous and has the best personality! Lisa is fantastic, her passion and knowledge shines through in all the kittens. Thank you Lisa we adore our boy! – Emily

Sherlock - Cat Story

Lisa obviously breeds for health and beauty. My boy Sherlock also reflects the substantial effort put into socialising the kittens and getting them used to the world and people.  Good genetics plus great positive socialisation as babies make for healthy, gorgeous, confident and people focused kittens, which give us new owners a great start to build from. Definitely recommend Angelfire Maine Coons. – Leanne

Knox was my 1st Mainecoon after many years of wanting to own one, I was pointed in the direction of angelfire mainecoons from a lovely lady called Tegan, being all the way in SA I was a bit sceptical at first but Lisa kept me cool calm and collected at all times. if you are awaiting your 1st mainecoon from Lisa and it’s dragging on trust me I understand how anxious you are and just want them home already but believe me when I say “they are worth wait” Lisa puts her blood sweat and tears into breeding and raising her kittens to be of the best quality they can be. And because of that I now own 2 BEAUTIFUL Angelfire mainecoons Knox & Neko, I could not be happier with my decision with choosing Lisa to be my breeder. Time and patience is the key your baby will be with you before you know it – Shaelee

Knox - Cat Story
Cat Story

Lisa is a Very Professional and exceptional Breeder of quality Maine Coons .

We were extremely Lucky to have been able to adopt our beautiful Maine Coon Kitten from her .

We picked her via photo’s Lisa sent us when she was only one week old. We patiently waited until she was 14 weeks old and had the all clear from the breeders vet to be released to her new home . We also received photos and updates along the way .

Upon picking her up and prior to collecting her , we were explained everything clearly how to care and look after her and what was required . Paperwork , food , a cute tote with goodies in it was also given to us.

We cannot recommend Lisa (Angelfire Maine Coons )  High enough and the love and care she gives to all her kitties 🤎

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our beautiful Girl Sorrento – Kayla

Absolutely love my cheeky little Angelfire kitten I got recently. Such a character and very well raised before coming to his forever home – Phoebi

Cat Story

LISA and her cats are incredible.  She puts so much love and her soul into breeding and raising incredible kittens and cats. Most people don’t realise the amount of work, and the cost behind a breeding programme, especially of these incredibly high quality cats. Kittens stay with their mum until weaned for 14 weeks in which time she spends time socialising them, feeding them the best food and giving them the best care until we are handed the most gorgeous ball of fluff and joy 💞 Thank you Lisa for all you do – Penny

Amazing breeder and amazing kittens. I have 4 gorgeous Angelfire cats with beautiful temperaments & hilarious personalities that enrich our lives daily. life would not be the same without them. Lisa is a fantastic breeder, down to earth and loves what she does. Highly recommend an Angelfire kitten. – Aspa

Angelfire babies are the best. My boy has the most amazing personality and temperament. Lisa is truly an amazing breeder who adores all her babies and gives you all the info needed to make sure your Angelfire baby continues to have the best care. Thank you Lisa for our bundle of fluffy joy. Xxx – Luisa

We have 2 Angelfire Maine Coons – one male and one female – and we are very happy with their temperament, magnificent coats and perfect nature. I would have no hesitation recommending Lisa and her quality breeding program. – Yvette

Picked up my gorgeous kitten from Lisa yesterday. We are so happy to have her. Lisa has been great throughout the adoption process. I would highly recommend Angelfire – Breeders of Quality Maine Coons to anyone wanting to adopt a Maine Coon. – Carol